My earthquake Story

Saturday 25th April 2015, has already been marked as the BLACK DAY for all the Nepalese around the world because of the deadliest tremor that had hit their life. Thousands of people died, got badly injured physically and mentally, building collapsed, house wrecked, people were traumatized. It shook their heart and house as well. The ‘home’ where they sheltered themselves for protection was no safer to them. They started finding for shelter in the open field.


Life has been on the hook since then. People do not know what to do next. They cannot assure the safety under their own roof. Education system, industries, companies and most of other business has been affected and some shut down. The economy of the country has been affected as a whole although only eight out of 75 districts had been affected.


As life was returning back to the normal Nepalese life, another big quake again shook the most parts of the country. They were living with hope until then but that hope that had kept motivating them to uplift their life got shattered within a nanosecond. Smile had already been faded away and on top of that the last hope has also been lost in Nepal. They are urging the God for good fortune for all the Nepalese.

A sudden shake of the chair rings the fear of alarm in my heart nowadays. Nepalese heart has felt so hollow that even a clinch of sound can startle the whole body. With this fear unlike others I had the same terror of the quake feeling. With some six families and mine we had sheltered in a corner of my garden. The first week of the earthquake days were so spine chilling that no one could even have the feeling of dizziness. The aftermath made our life more fearful. We felt everyday as that last moment of our life. Hopefully we all are still alive with a new spirit that we can still move on with our life. I don’t know why but looking at the people staying under the tent beside the pavements and some open space that weren’t secured to them made me feel like I was one of the lucky amongst others living a luxurious life right now although I was living in the corner of the garden (although it wasn’t that comfortable to sleep on the wooden plank and the mattress). We have been watching movies each night after the second big quake with the help of projector. I somehow felt like time was going back to the stage when the village had a single television set and all the people would come together to watch some program .Watching movies together with some 30 people made me feel like I was in a small movie hall but there were people to share the funny parts of the movie. The laughter made us feel us release our stress somehow. We even made different dishes together (such as panipuri , chatpate ,chips ) which made me feel like every day was a picnic. Although we were living with fear there was always some humor that would spice up the moment.


Life has been a divine favor for us until now. It has gifted us the reason to be happier because of the second life after the dreadful tremor. And it has given a meaningful lesson which wouldn’t have been realized had the quake not struck the Nepalese heart. Well, money and fame is not the strength of the human being but it is the company we get from fellow human being, our greatest strength. When the quake hit us we did not care about our money or the home but we ran from it with the fear that it would be the reason that could take our life. But we searched for the helping hands to at least share a warm hug in that devastating situation.


Nepalese have not yet lost faith in God and his blessing and everyone is living with the hope that tomorrow’s sunshine will bring a brighter smile in them.


Lastly, Earthquake took many things that were dearest to us but it did left us many lessons that could build the new Nepal.

Urusha Kansakar

This was written during earthquake and I wanted to share here because it gives me a courage and hope that even after those black days I am here in beautiful city of Melbourne sharing this after two years starting a beautiful life as an international student. 


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