The Job Hunting Journey as an International Student

Balancing work and study life is the most difficult thing an international student faces. As an international student without any network and experiences, it is still difficult for anyone to get a job.

Today I am not here to discuss how difficult it is to find a job but I am here to share about what things one can learn from the Job Hunting Journey.

1.Positive Vibes

giphy (2)

Being optimistic, Yes I will get it.

2.Learning to become patience

giphy (3)

Waiting for the response but still not giving up.

3.Increase in Confidence level 

giphy (4)

You have that confidence that you can excel any interview.

4.Coming out of comfort zone


It’s a courage to wake up to the random place and asks random people for the job.

5.Excel your communication skill

source (1)

After speaking to people from the diverse language you learn to communicate well.




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