Aretha’s 1st Birthday

Let me take you to Aretha’s 1st birthday party and also share you about the new culture I observed. 

Birthday Bash:

My  Philipino friend  invited me to her niece’s 1st birthday lunch/party and it was exciting  experience. It was a complete different scenario from how we celebrate any occasions in my home country Nepal. The theme of the event was ‘Ahoy Sailor‘.The venue was beautifully set and decorated with balloons , cup cakes, matching cutlery and mouth watering foods. I had an opportunity to meet people from diverse background who was there to celebrate the little kid’s birthday.

The food was main attraction of the event I must admit. There were many types of authentic food from Philippines. Some of the main dish were Calderata (beef stew), Pancit (Noodles) and Lechon(roasted pork). The food were delicious I couldn’t stop but put everything in my plate so that I could try them. 

 The main feast : Sushi, Caldereta, Lechon, Pancit, Lumpia (this is only some portion of the food, I would need another plate to fill up other kind of dishes) 

The mouth watering :Lechon 

Desserts 😍😍

 Now comes the games :

After eating the huge feast my friend and I hosted some games for the kids. The games played were bring me something (where we would mention an object and the kid who brings the right object first would win it) and musical chair. Not only the kids but the adults were engaged and enjoying the games. 

 The event was a blast there was delicious food, games, face painting and cakes. To wrap up I enjoyed the event a lot, we shared happiness, celebrated a special occasion, tried new dishes, had an opportunity to learn and observe new culture , made new friends and connection.





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