Sail by the edge

I used to say that I was a pessimist but down there in my heart, I was a skeptic person. After every test, I took or interview I took I would worry a lot about the consequences.  I would doubt myself even though other would praise about my work. I would always feel like they were just bragging about things. After coming to Melbourne everything changed, I changed. The way I would perceive myself changed. I started praising about myself, taking care of myself, started being a pessimist and this time I did not doubt myself. All this happened because I learned how to sail by the edge.

Every rejection I got during my interview while hunting for a casual job I took as a part of learning for another job. Every low grade for an assignment that I had worked super hard, I took it as a lesson to work smart, not hard for another assignment. Every direction I would get lost in, I would say to myself this is not the dead end you can still sail by the edge and get a well-deserved job you want, get good grades you have worked for and finally would reach the destination that you have dreamt of.

This is how I learned to sail by the edge.



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